Thursday, December 3, 2015

Has it really been a whole year?

What a difference a year can make.

You are so big and so independent. You can say 10 words- some on command- some you just repeat for an hour or so. You have some cute blonde curls just on the side of your head- but you also have some Smeagol hair that tends to just stray out.

You have the prettiest blue eyes and the whitest porcelain skin that is so soft. Eight teeth and a tiny scar on your right eye from one of your many falls. Those dreamy lashes come from Daddy. 

You are a momma's boy through and through- there is no denying it. Piggy back rides and wagon rides are your favorites with mom. You love to watch the door for daddy and like when he plays with you on the floor. 

You have no favorite food because you eat everything- except pickles. Not a fan of those. You have no favorite book because you aren't in to sitting down for more than 10 seconds. 

Your dance skills are great and make me laugh. You love to stand on things- especially things with wheels. You are a dare devil baby- but you get that honest from your daddy.  

If you can touch it- you will taste it. You love to open and close any door and drawer. You love to look out of a window for birds. 

There are only a few things in this life that will make you stop crying. Your mama and Milk Milk from mama. Separation anxiety is a real thing- but you have been making some progress in the nursery. We have one full day on the record, that counts buddy!

The things you desperately want in life are the dog's pen, the dog's water, the dogs, and the working remote. We can't pull a fast one on you and give you the one with no batteries. 

You are such a loving baby. When you lay your head on mine or daddy's shoulder, I just want you to know we melt. Your daddy especially. He turns in to a big sap when you are sweet to him, because he doesn't get that from you all the time. 

But - Dada is your go to word- you never say mama anymore! You are quite the chatterbox. Sometimes I feel like Whitney Houston is reincarnated in you because you hit those high notes like crazy. 

You love to explore and are learning so much right now. It is crazy how much you mimic what you see. I truly underestimated how smart you could be. You can take the lid off of anything- figure out how things work- and copy so much.
I love seeing your face when we do new things. You watch so intently (for a few seconds) and it is so cool to see awe beam in your eyes. 

You are a pure delight to all you meet. Sometimes you are very shy- or just don't move at all- but within 10 minutes they see that big ball of energy. Sometimes I think God must have placed energizer bunny genes in you- because you keep going and going and going. 

Which brings me to my next highlight- you are quite possibly the biggest hater of sleep on this side of the Mississippi. You certainly did not get that from me or your dad. I promise it is one of the best gifts we have been given-start cashing it in son. 

Vacuums scare you and make you hide. You can be the most serious baby one minute and an all out banshee the next. Thankfully, if we are out shopping, you do fine in the carrier. That is your safe place on mama. THE BEST investment we made was spending that money on a nice carrier- so mama can get things done.  Loved it so much I made your dad go buy me a new one when I forgot our at home (thankfully another new mom bought it), but still- that carrier has been my lifesaver-especially when I vacuum. 

You love anything that goes- tractors, cars, have loved riding them all. I see many of these in our future- real and toy ones.

It has been a challenging- eye opening- scary- rewarding- amazing- humbling- and blessed year because of you. Maybe one day I can stop looking like Hagrid from my lack of sleep and lack of makeup, but you are all worth it. Maybe I will learn how to be on time at some point. I might even change out of my day clothes and sleep in pajamas every now and again. I'm still learning how one washes their hair, but we will make it. 

I never knew how much a baby could change you and you have shown me parts of me that I did not know existed. I thank God every day for you. Happy Birthday to you Kaleb Henry! You are mama's Bubba and my sweet monkey. Daddy's Boo-boo, Granna's Shuga, Granny's Boobsie, Papa's Buddy, and Paw's lil man. We love you so much!

Monday, October 19, 2015

GA Southern Homecoming

This past weekend was GA Southern's Homecoming. If you didn't know, my husband graduated from there and I took a few classes there after we got married. Georgia Southern has a special place in our hearts. So, when it was decided a few days before the game that we were going, Baby Kaleb had to have a Homecoming shirt- so I made him one.


This sweet baby looks so good in blue! Go Eagles and Hail Southern!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Mother's Day- #1

Man. Have I learned a lot in 5 months- (14 if you count our pregnancy). Here are a few things, with minor details that I have learned about being a mom. If I am being honest-

It is very hard to meet the demands of your life (like sleeping and bathing), contribute to your spouse's ( you know that need I'm talking about), and be 100% responsible for this new human. It is hard. Overwhelming. So crazy.  It is so incredibly hard, but also the greatest joy of my life.

I have cried/cursed/and screamed more in the past 5 months than at any other transitional point in my life. Sometimes I have managed to do all three of these at one time. Emotional doesn't even begin to scratch the surface. I cry from feeling helpless, I have cursed out of frustration, and I have screamed because I didn't feel anything else. My feelings seem to get a lot more hurt now that I have a baby- and the world isn't always nice. Those hormones are a real doozy. I have also found that I have been the most humbled and have eaten my words more than once. I have experienced true grace and love from God. I have been reminded that when I feel these emotions, that they are only for a moment and that God is quick to rescue me. 

It is very hard to not compare yourself to other parents. I struggled with this before baby in terms of appearance and talent, now it is a full on war that I have to choose not to participate in- because I will honestly make myself sick trying to be "that mom". Everything I remotely thought I was "good" or "successful" at- is now a thing of the past. My house would be clean enough, my clothes put away, my kitchen clean, and my pantry full. Those things are long gone. I have to remind myself that I am not my mother- or anyone else- and this is my real life and we live in our house- and I am Kaleb's mom. Some days I just can't. And I am learning that is ok.

A baby changes everything- Johnson and Johnson says- and there have never been truer words spoken. Maybe one day we can have friends over, our guest room won't look like an explosion occurred, my crafts will actually get done, and shoot- maybe I will put on some makeup again one day. Until then, I will be found pulling soiled diapers out of my car- purse and couch?, trying to determine how much spit up has to be present in my hair before I wash it, searching relentlessly for missing pacis, and just sitting on the couch, next to the 4 piles of laundry.

I view my entire life completely different now that I have a baby. Nothing is the same and everything has changed. Instead of just being, I now have to focus on being there for my baby. Protecting, engaging, making the most out of everything and trying to make sure I instill in my kid what I want him to know. There is not a day that goes by that I don't question- well what if this happens or what will we do when this happens. Worry, guilt, frustration, excitement, all of these happen at once now that my tiny human has made his way here.

Everyone has an opinion about everything. The crazy flip side of that is everyone also has feelings- and sometimes this part is forgotten. Here is the one thing that I understand now: Every parent gets to determine how they want parenting to look like in their homes- and they get to make the rules for their kids. Every baby is different- even from the same parents- and you have to figure out what works for you (even if that means you do life a little differently). 

Parenting is a sensitive subject. More time- I can see that being the #1 thing parents ask for (with more sleep coming in at a close 2). When K was first born, I couldn't wait for him to be able to hold his head up on his own. Now- we are having like 2 and 3 milestones a WEEK. My once tiny little guy is now a big ol whopper. Going from a head full of hair- to a bald Charlie Brown head- to now some blondish locks- from some sweet baby gums to 2 razors emerging from his bottom gum line- at one point he was stationary- he is inching across the room now.

Time doesn't just fly when you are having fun. It just flies. I'm trying hard to hold on to these sweet moments that will be gone in a blink of an eye. So fast. So many changes- but so incredibly awesome to be able to be a part of.  

Friday, February 27, 2015

Round 2

So here is the baby story: (condensed)

8 Weeks to 40 Weeks

December 2, 2015. Checkup on that day -dilated 4.5 cm- Dr asked what we were doing the next day and said be here at 6:30 am. So- off to Best Buy and Carrabba's we went. We had a great last night as a family of two- and woke up at 4:45 to get ready to put on my makeup, ate my breakfast- then got on our way to Macon.

Got checked in before shift change and got settled in to one of the nice big labor/delivery/recovery rooms. Dr. came by around 8 and said we were 5 cm . He broke my water and it was really uncomfortable. No gushing or Niagara falls. I really didn't feel anything. Kevin said it was a trickle.

Started the fluid for my epidural at this time. The whole thing just kind of felt like I was having some kind of surgery that day. We were just hanging out and talking.

The pitocin seemed to start my contractions very well- but I didn't feel anything. We were off the charts and the nurse was like- you don't feel that? I didn't feel anything so they upped my dosage 2 times. I started feeling a flutter-tension like, but I still was fine. After upping the dose again- I can remember Kevin's parents had just left the room and I went to the bathroom again. Here is when I decided "Oh my gosh- Kevin- tell them I'm ready for the epidural!"

The pain is hard to describe- but I felt like everything in my lower body was tightening up with a burning sensation following suit. We got the anesthesiology team in and I remember being SCARED for my life. This was my biggest hangup about delivery- the epidural. I felt better about it from the class- but now I was having a small panic attack.

They came in- suited up- and put me high off the floor hanging off the edge of the bed. Kevin was in front of me, but I couldn't really see anything but his stomach area.

The Nurse Anesthetist tried to talk me though what was happening, but also while telling/teaching someone who was a student how to do an epidural. I took my deep breath and did what she said with my back- then WHAM! Every ounce of blood, every fiber of my being, every cell in my body felt the numbing scrape of that needle hit my spine. I screamed- I don't remember much of this- but I was suddenly nauseous, screaming and crying- begging for them to stop. I had Kevin's shirt in my hand pulling it and crying. He asked them to stop and said I couldn't do this right now- and she said she couldn't stop because it was threaded in. She hit 2 more spots before the 10 minute ordeal was up. By far- the worst pain I have ever felt in my entire life.  It was truly awful, frightening, and miserable.

They hadn't put enough numbing stuff in it initially and that girl didn't know what she was doing.

It took on my right side- not my left so what I thought were bad contractions now turned into what felt like burning hot gears churning my left leg at the hip. It was awful. They saw my contractions were making me nauseous, and said I was going to have to get another epidural or labor through this..which was only going to get worse.

I remember looking at Kevin with my teeth clenched biting a pillow and said I'm done. No more kids ever.

45 minutes later- I said screw it and get the DOCTOR. He was there really quick- put me on the bed (keep in mind my right leg was numb) and had the new epidural put in in less than 90 seconds. No pain. No nothing. Seriously girl- what the heck was your problem!!!

After this one- I jumped to 8cm and we just waited about an hour and a half. Dr. came in and said "ok- it's time to push". I looked and Kevin and I think we both freaked out a little. What? Now? Are we ready? Are you sure? That was quick.

They got their baby box filled with lots of clean up goodies set up- and we pushed. My epidural was awesome and I didn't feel anything this time. I didn't even know when to push. I didn't know I was pushing- I just did what they said. I was cracking jokes and asking if we could play "Push it" while I was in there. I was even asking if they had seen The Campaign and said you know the part where he is at the door and says "Push it. Push it real good?" The dr and nurse were cracking up. 35 minutes later...

Kevin helped deliver Kaleb and brought him into this world. It was so surreal and beautiful. We heard him screaming when they lifted him up and it was so beautiful.

Total labor- 7 hours from the time we started my ivs til he was born. It was great.

Now- on to the rest of the things I wish someone would have told me:

10. Going to the bathroom after giving birth is not only scarier than birth- but more painful and intense. Start popping that Colace now ladies. It took a good 4 days postpartum and 45 minutes to know that my body was never going to be the same ever again.

9. None of my friends felt the need to tell me about these 2 new friends you get from pushing- but they are evil twins not friends. Their names are Hem and Roid. Seriously- why wasn't that mentioned in the class?! These new friends made me miserable for 2 plus months after birth!

8. The thing activity that got you that bundle of joy needs to never be mentioned again. I know that all guys have the 6 week countdown on- but trust me- your calendar will be about a month behind theirs. Maybe 2. I asked my Dr. to lie and say it wasn't time yet. He laughed. I didn't.

7. You aren't a bad parent if you send your kid to the nursery to get some sleep. We finally had reached our breaking point and I called the nurse to come get him for a little while. He was gone an hour- but it was great to sleep a little and not be constantly watching to see if he was breathing.

6. Birth plans are just a trendy thing right now. I asked my dr about them and if I needed one and what was it- and he laughed. He said I wish people would just let me do my job. I said- oh I am all for that- you are the expert- I just didn't know if those were real things or not. We learned in our class if you are adamant about no epidural- then push comes to shove- and you takes some pain meds to help the pain- you can't consent to get an epidural later on no mater how hard you beg/cry/complain- because you aren't in a sober/drug free mind. So- just sign the consent form just in case you need it. That whole music-on-with-the-lights down-no c-section- birth is not really a reality. The person delivering you  knows what they are doing- and that if you should need extra care- your mindset is "healthy baby- healthy momma"; get baby here as safe as possible and as easy for mom as can be.

5. While you are trying to bond- there are going to be a million different hospital people coming in and out to check you or the baby. I got so mad at this sweet lil Asian lady for asking me how many times I had been to the bathroom since she had last been there. I wanted to say- I have no clue- I honestly couldn't remember if I had been since she left or not! I just said 2 to get her out of my hair.

4. The sitz bath is a must. For real. Holy Moly. I waited til day 2 and I should've done this when the feeling in my legs came back. You should totally take it home to- they told me I could and I didn't think I would need it. Oh man- I needed it!

3. Pack extra clothes for the baby. I packed 3 cute outfits and dern if he didn't pee and spit up on 2 of them and 1 was too big and hot. We had to send my MIL to the house and get some clothes. Some onesies are fine. Something with easy access! Snaps are awful. Zippers are your best friend.

2. That whole circumcision cleaning vaseline thing. No one told us about this til we got home! We didn't know we were supposed to be pushing anything back! Talk about feeling like you failed your kid right off the bat!

1. The #1 thing not one soul mentioned to me- no class- no nursing friends- no current or past mommas- no book- nothing...

was to pack my own TOILET PAPER. Good grief. That whole birth process is really a feat in itself- but going to the bathroom afterwards was so bad because of the TP. Sticky- gooey- no help- John Wayne slick rolls. It hurt. So- that is the one tip I will give anyone going to deliver- help momma- visit- or whatever- pack some SOFT toilet paper!

That's it in a nut shell. I tried to make it as real as possible. Don't hate the messenger. Maybe you can learn from some of my mistakes and be a little better prepared!
 I found this video today in a group and I had to share. Might be TMI- but it is spot on.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Well- A lot has happened

I just saw I last posted in August- good grief that was an eternity ago.

We welcomed a sweet screaming and kicking baby into the world on December 3, 2014. He has since stolen our hearts and is the ruler of the house. I have been meaning to write about our pregnancy/delivery experience for a while now. There are a lot of things that I knew going in that I feel helped us have a great delivery/birthing experience. There are also some things that I learned in the process that might help someone else out in their experience. So- here goes. These is my 1st Top 10 thoughts and attitudes- you can take them or leave them.

There are a few rules to parenting- that sometimes do not get followed.

Rule #1- Do not ask a new momma or daddy from the time they bring baby home til baby is 3 months old "Is he/she sleeping through the night?" or "How are they sleeping?"

Why does everyone want to know how your kid is sleeping? Is that like new parent etiquette to ask just so you can laugh???  Just don't ask it. 1 it really is none of your concern- and 2 they are a newborn human trying to figure out life outside of the womb. New babies don't sleep. Period. (and if you are so lucky that your child has slept great since day one- you don't need to mention that either). Breastfed babies certainly don't sleep for long periods of time- because breast milk is easily digested and therefore- baby needs to eat more to feel full!
I think this was one of the most frustrating things when we had Kaleb. Every visitor wanted to know how he was sleeping. Here is your clue: Take a look at momma and daddy and if they look like they got ran over by a Sharpie truck- then you will know. Baby isn't sleeping. My answer has now become- he is sleeping like a baby. Next go around (if there is one) it will be "they are sleeping great." Some kids never sleep- just don't ask.

Rule #2- I learned to not offer advice unless it was solicited {I'm aware I am doing that with this post, but this is an experience post as well :)} Every pregnancy is different (no matter what that book What to Expect when you are Expecting claims) and every delivery is different- and every baby is different. You cannot hope to base your experience off of someone else's experience because you will soon fall short or be really disappointed. It isn't a contest. I did find that it was MUCH easier to take advice from friends who were "in the trenches" with they have a baby under age 1 right now as well. I was lucky to have a few friends pregnant at the same time and we have formed a sweet bond to answering each others questions and reassuring that we are being good mommas. Ask your questions to those people- because it just helps when their kids are little and not "oh well my baby liked this"- and their baby is now 30. A LOT has changed in 3 decades of parenting- and it is just nice to have someone going though it with you. - With that said...I'm just offering my experience up since I have a lot of pregnant friends who are probably scared like I was.

There are some other rules I would like to include- but for now we will move on to the first Top 10!

1. If you do not like your doctor/hospital for delivery- you need to change. Seriously, this was the BIGGEST and Best decision we made at week 13. I wanted to be in a place that was prepared to delivery a baby and care for momma in case there was an emergency- not have that hospital come and get my baby and leave me at the non-trauma hospital until I was released to go to the trauma hospital to be with my baby. Having a NICU was #1 priority. Also, I wanted to feel like an expectant mom- not a number or a paycheck. We changed to a practice that actually knows my face and knows my husband- and they are incredibly nice. So nice I ever took them cookies for the whole office because it was THAT great of an experience. My doctor- good grief he found his calling. Out of this world on being able to talk to me and make me feel comfortable and knows. his. stuff. Answered all  my questions and never made me feel like I should have known the answer ( I didn't read any books, didn't have that many questions, but towards the end I did). He is top notch. I was weirded out by going to a male doctor because I had never been, but I can honestly say the 3 men doctors I had at the practice were A WHOLE LOT more compassionate and understanding that the women from the practice where I came from. Change doctors if there is ANY hesitation. You will not regret it. Driving to Macon was well worth the care I received, and my husband could tell I was more at ease from being there. Also- Board Certification is KEY. You want a doctor that has passed a proficiency test in OBGYN and has to report to a higher up community when things go wrong, should they go wrong.

2. Stay hydrated. I tried to drink a gallon of water each day during my pregnancy- and a little more the last 2 weeks before delivery. You have no idea how much this helps towards the end- because you can't get an epidural until they give you a bag of fluid to offset the possibility of making your blood pressure drop. I didn't know that til childbirth class. So- no matter what your pain level  is like- you ain't getting the good stuff til they pump you with fluids. The more hydrated you are when you go in- the better you absorb the additional fluid and it goes faster- which means pain goes away quicker! I drank a bottle of water on the way to the hospital- and my sweet dr let me have ice chips after the epidural. You do not want to be thirsty in labor!!

The second part of drinking lots of water during my pregnancy helped me not gain a lot of weight. Every girl wants that right? Start drinking and make it a habit. I gained 1 pound over my max I set for myself. (and if you are wondering- it was 31 lbs- 30 was my limit). I have lost almost all of the baby weight, minus the last 7 lbs of pregnancy weight. Chalk that up to breastfeeding and drinking my gallon. Let's hope I can fit in my real clothes sometime before the kid turns 2.

3. You can't believe everything you read. I didn't read anything til 3 weeks before delivery. I wanted to experience it and form my own opinions. I read on a money saving blog you would only need 3 packages of newborn diapers because they grow so fast. Wrong. My baby stayed in newborns til he was over a month old. We went through a case and some packages! I read Babywise after delivery- and it helped me to understand what could be wrong, but my baby isn't following that schedule like I hoped. I read the last 2 weeks of chapters in what to expect...and it didn't really tell me anything my childbirth class didn't mention. Don't freak yourself out based on books and stories. I did read about breastfeeding- the how to's and do's and don'ts, and I think that helped a lot.

4. Ask questions to your doctor/teachers/nurses. The more you ask the more you know. If you don't ask it, you will always be wondering. And ask the questions everyone wants to know the answer to- but is afraid to ask. In our childbirth class (I recommend you take this and a breast feeding class because that knowledge is wonderful and put me at ease about a lot of things!) I asked what is the protocol when things go wrong- what happens to momma and baby- what about busting stitches- how often does this hospital do c-sections/use forceps ...those good things.

5. No one wants to talk about this- but I will. Every expectant mom's fear is that they will poop on themselves during pushing. I was scared to death of this and I told my doctor I was and that if I did I would have to find a new doctor- and he said- "well I don't want you to think you have to do that, it happens, we are used to it". and I reiterated I didn't want it to happen- so he offered up this little gem of a secret: get an enema at the hospital/ or do one at home before you come. Sounds so gross- but I'm telling you it was worth it. Less that 5 minutes of being incredibly uncomfortable with a nurse- and then using the bathroom- then I was good to go. That was the best decision I made. (and no I didn't have my fear come true because of this!)

6. Eat before you go to the hospital. I was sort-of-induced/scheduled for delivery (I was almost 5cm at my due date appointment-I was 5 cm by the time we got to the hospital the next day). You can't eat once they get you in checked in until after the baby is delivered. So eat something with protein and carbs before you go!

7. The magic hour. Not all hospitals do this, but it is an awesome thing. Your experience will be just that- magical and truly special. After you deliver- baby is kept with mom and dad- skin to skin- for an hour. No family interruptions. No weight. No bath. Just perfect bonding time. It was truly beautiful. Yes our parents were dying to see the baby- but this was time we were never going to get back and it was just the 3 of us. If they don't have that, ask to delay all the measurements/bath.

8. Lactation consultant. Mine was a life saver. She came in after my magic hour and helped me to figure out breastfeeding. (that doll we practiced with just wasn't the same- this new toy had some serious gums). She was an angel who worked with me for 20 minutes- came to my room that night and helped- and then the next day came by. I had to call her when I was at home and she spent 20 minutes answering all my questions. It was awesome. Use them if you plan to breastfeed.

9. Breastfeeding: No one told me it was going to feel like a baby alligator with no teeth clinched down on your nipple. Seriously- why didn't anyone say it was going to hurt?! It was truly one of the hardest things I have ever done- but man it has been so worth it. Lactation nurse gave me a nipple shield and I used it for a month- and now we don't have to. Pack one in your bag just in case. Not every hospital gives them out, but mine did with lanolin cream- that is amazing too. Breastfeeding was really hard the first 6 weeks of Kaleb's life, but I will tell you what someone told me- stick with it if you want to do it- the pain does go away and it gets so much easier once you figure out what works for you and baby. I am very grateful to have a husband that supported me in doing this- if you have no support, it will not work for you. You can also exclusively pump if you just can't breastfeed because of the pain.

Kevin and I had some friends say some really hurtful things to me/us about breastfeeding- that I wasn't giving my baby enough and he needed more- and I needed to supplement- and that he was just incredibly hungry which is why he wasn't sleeping though the night- and he should be sleeping the entire night at 7 weeks-and 30 minutes more of what we were doing wrong and what we should be doing- and it affected me so bad that it made my milk supply decrease a LOT that day. I cried and cried. Hear me now: if you don't want to breastfeed, that is so ok. But if someone else is trying- do not tell them it isn't enough and their kid needs to be eating more or they need to supplement. If that baby is gaining weight and peeing, there is nothing wrong. Find your support before you start. Your Pediatrician will tell you when it is time to supplement.

10. Parenting- It is truly the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. I have come to find that how someone else does things is how they do them- and they are the parents. The only part of that I can and will question because it is a threat to my family- is not vaccinating. Everything else is totally the parent's choice of how to do things. So, if momma doesn't want baby out because of being born in flu/rsv season, that needs to be respected. If momma/daddy don't want to do daycare- that is their choice. If momma doesn't want the baby away from home while he is still young, we have to understand that this is their baby and they get to make those choices. Yes I have become obsessive about not getting our baby sick or putting him in danger. I know these feelings will fade, but right now he is still my little baby and I am doing all I can to protect him. We just need to be respectful about it. It is so hard to see the other side right now, but it is their kid. If they make a mistake, they will learn from it.

I didn't let Kaleb have a passy when he was born- at day 5 pediatrician said he could have it after Kevin asked- and now when he is fussy the passy works- sometimes. He only gets it when he is fussy or going to sleep.

I wanted to use regular diapers, but I can totally understand why people use cloth. We have emptied our pail 2 times this week!

I want my kid to eat healthy so we are going to make our own baby food and breastfeed (if we can) til he is 1. I'm still out on that teeth/boobie thing, so he might just get breastmilk bottles then! ;)

How one person does things is their business and I'm so sorry if I ever opened my mouth about how something should be done to any of my friends.

There you have it- my first Top Ten. Tune in tomorrow for what really went down in the delivery room. Something about "push it, push it real good" in a Marty Huggins voice.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Crockpot Jesus in a Microwave world

In recent conversations with some of my closest friends, I have found that I am not the only one "waiting".

I have tried to be the gentle spirit that reminds people to just wait- but waiting is hard.

Things I hate waiting on:

  • The laundry to finish the wrinkle release cycle
  • Test results- either in medical or physical form
  • Slow people in aisles
  • Slow people on the road
  • Slow people in general
  • a service company- I'm looking at you alarm and cable companies
  • a long time for food at a restaurant
  • answers when I don't have or know them
  • long lines
  • people using EBT cards with big buggies
  • people with EBT cards
  • food that requires more than 3 minutes of microwave time
  • people who are fully capable of serving themselves- but refuse
So- there are a few "earthly" things I hate waiting on. Sometimes- we are really tested with waiting on things we really want.

A new house - car- job. A significant other. A promotion. An answer to a long time prayer. A better life for our families. A better life for us. A new opportunity. A change in place. A feeling of purpose. Restoration and healing An understanding and clarity. Just some peace, Lord. Strength- guidance- and comfort. Many things, yet we don't always get it instantly.  

We live in a microwave world but serve a crock pot Jesus. (direct quote from me)

Microwave is almost instant. I lived off of instant Kraft mac and cheese in college because it was easy and quick. 2 minutes and you are done. 

Crockpots seem to take FORRRRRREEEEVVVVVEERRR (in a Sandlot voice). You can't open it until it is had the full time to cook- but man, isn't it Amazing when you finally get to open it?!

Our life: Why not now- God- why not? Why can't this, that, or the other go my way?
In reality: God says "It is not time"

Everything has a distinct and purposeful time. It may not come when we want it- or expect it- but I believe it will come. 
Ecclesiastes 3:11 says "He has made all things beautiful in its time". A favorite verse that reminds me- its time is not my time. 

What power is that to know that something beautiful will come from every situation we struggle with. 

The first part of Ecclesiastes chapter 3 goes like this:

There is a time for everything,
    and a season for every activity under the heavens:
    a time to be born and a time to die,
    a time to plant and a time to uproot,
    a time to kill and a time to heal,
    a time to tear down and a time to build,
    a time to weep and a time to laugh,
    a time to mourn and a time to dance,
    a time to scatter stones and a time to gather them,
    a time to embrace and a time to refrain from embracing,
    a time to search and a time to give up,
    a time to keep and a time to throw away,
    a time to tear and a time to mend,
    a time to be silent and a time to speak,
    a time to love and a time to hate,
    a time for war and a time for peace.

I don't know what "time" you are in right now- but my prayer is that you will be reminded that your time is not really "yours" and that God's timing is always perfect. Sometimes our waiting is a miserable process- and we want to give up. But in that process God makes you to be exactly what he wants you to be- and is making something beautiful out of it. Sometimes, we have to realize we might not get to see the beauty, but it will still come. 

Your time will come, it may not be the way you would have chosen, but thankfully the Creator of the world holds us in his hands and he doesn't wear a watch or follow earthly deadlines. 

Monday, August 18, 2014

..When 30 Was old

Let's take a trip down memory lane, shall we?

 Age 22, Applebees Milly
Age 22, Amelia Island Age 23, Comedy Club Macon

  25, Vegas

  26, At my little house in Milly

  27, Milly at GCSU


30, Milly

There you have it. A look back over the last 10 years of birthdays- minus my 21st- because clearly that wasn't documented (trust me- that is a good thing). I did have a huge pool party- but those arent digital prints.

I have reached another milestone and can only credit God for that. In the past 10 years, I have done some incredible things. I think I wrote about those things a while ago (I think 10 year HS reunion). In the past 2 years, I have found the one whom my soul loves, got married, and are expecting our firstborn in a few months. Whoa- time goes fast when you hit that married point.

As far as an astronomical birthday for my dirty 30- I wouldn't take it that far- but good that is what we will call it. I woke up to 3 little pups snuggling with me and singing me happy birthday. My sweet husband had taken me out to dinner and a movie the night before- and was now at work. Then I said- what the heck I'm 30- I'm eating cupcakes for breakfast. ..with a bagel- it was balanced....

Sprinkles make everything better. Then I went to church and it was a really good sermon- and my sweet friends in Sunday school had brought me a breakfast strudel with "30" candles on it. After church I went home and Kevin was there.

Yay for presents! My husband is a PHENOMENAL gift giver- hands down. I got 3 dvds that were great- especially another copy of The Goonies since someone stole my other one... a HAMMOCK! (this is huge because I have been saying I wanted one for the past 2 years)... a foot spa (heated, massaging, and amazing..since I complained about my last one getting broken and my feet hurting now that I am pregnant) and the dinner and a movie (The Giver). Oh! and a onesie for Kaleb that says "My daddy knows a lot but my mommy knows everything". So good- he takes notes, literally, and never has to question his gifts!

After presents we did laundry and Kevin took a nap - told you it was exciting. I got SHOCKED from putting something in the baby's room and touching the wrong part of the missing light plate. Needless to say the cover goes back on today!!

We finally went to his parents for lake time around 2:30- the bottom fell out- we finally got the boat situated and ready to go- get on the water for 10 minutes as Kevin is about to wake surf- and ALARM ALARM ALARM... a SWAT callout.

High tail it back to the dock- drop him off- and he's gone. I did enjoy a nice boat ride with my in-laws and dogs- so I just made the most of it (my parents were out of town- if you were wondering). My sweet in-laws ordered my favorite pizza (Dominos hand tossed bacon, pepperoni, pineapple) and we had a nice dinner just hanging out. Kevin finally made it about around 9:30 and we enjoyed this masterpiece of a caramel cake made by my Mother in law. (it won't rotate in the program)

So, overall it was a good birthday. 30 seems so ancient when you are 21. Now that I'm here- it is still hard to say, but I'm guessing that I will be just fine. I'm surrounded by a great family and an awesome MIL and FIL, have a best friend, lover, and match made in heaven husband to share life with, and have a lot of friends who love me. A decade has come to a close- and a new one is underway.