Thursday, December 3, 2015

Has it really been a whole year?

What a difference a year can make.

You are so big and so independent. You can say 10 words- some on command- some you just repeat for an hour or so. You have some cute blonde curls just on the side of your head- but you also have some Smeagol hair that tends to just stray out.

You have the prettiest blue eyes and the whitest porcelain skin that is so soft. Eight teeth and a tiny scar on your right eye from one of your many falls. Those dreamy lashes come from Daddy. 

You are a momma's boy through and through- there is no denying it. Piggy back rides and wagon rides are your favorites with mom. You love to watch the door for daddy and like when he plays with you on the floor. 

You have no favorite food because you eat everything- except pickles. Not a fan of those. You have no favorite book because you aren't in to sitting down for more than 10 seconds. 

Your dance skills are great and make me laugh. You love to stand on things- especially things with wheels. You are a dare devil baby- but you get that honest from your daddy.  

If you can touch it- you will taste it. You love to open and close any door and drawer. You love to look out of a window for birds. 

There are only a few things in this life that will make you stop crying. Your mama and Milk Milk from mama. Separation anxiety is a real thing- but you have been making some progress in the nursery. We have one full day on the record, that counts buddy!

The things you desperately want in life are the dog's pen, the dog's water, the dogs, and the working remote. We can't pull a fast one on you and give you the one with no batteries. 

You are such a loving baby. When you lay your head on mine or daddy's shoulder, I just want you to know we melt. Your daddy especially. He turns in to a big sap when you are sweet to him, because he doesn't get that from you all the time. 

But - Dada is your go to word- you never say mama anymore! You are quite the chatterbox. Sometimes I feel like Whitney Houston is reincarnated in you because you hit those high notes like crazy. 

You love to explore and are learning so much right now. It is crazy how much you mimic what you see. I truly underestimated how smart you could be. You can take the lid off of anything- figure out how things work- and copy so much.
I love seeing your face when we do new things. You watch so intently (for a few seconds) and it is so cool to see awe beam in your eyes. 

You are a pure delight to all you meet. Sometimes you are very shy- or just don't move at all- but within 10 minutes they see that big ball of energy. Sometimes I think God must have placed energizer bunny genes in you- because you keep going and going and going. 

Which brings me to my next highlight- you are quite possibly the biggest hater of sleep on this side of the Mississippi. You certainly did not get that from me or your dad. I promise it is one of the best gifts we have been given-start cashing it in son. 

Vacuums scare you and make you hide. You can be the most serious baby one minute and an all out banshee the next. Thankfully, if we are out shopping, you do fine in the carrier. That is your safe place on mama. THE BEST investment we made was spending that money on a nice carrier- so mama can get things done.  Loved it so much I made your dad go buy me a new one when I forgot our at home (thankfully another new mom bought it), but still- that carrier has been my lifesaver-especially when I vacuum. 

You love anything that goes- tractors, cars, have loved riding them all. I see many of these in our future- real and toy ones.

It has been a challenging- eye opening- scary- rewarding- amazing- humbling- and blessed year because of you. Maybe one day I can stop looking like Hagrid from my lack of sleep and lack of makeup, but you are all worth it. Maybe I will learn how to be on time at some point. I might even change out of my day clothes and sleep in pajamas every now and again. I'm still learning how one washes their hair, but we will make it. 

I never knew how much a baby could change you and you have shown me parts of me that I did not know existed. I thank God every day for you. Happy Birthday to you Kaleb Henry! You are mama's Bubba and my sweet monkey. Daddy's Boo-boo, Granna's Shuga, Granny's Boobsie, Papa's Buddy, and Paw's lil man. We love you so much!

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